A stand alone web page has also been created with further resources (an extensive reading list, viewing recommendations and articles) for those who want to learn more about black British history. Click Black History Month at Loreto to start your journey.

This year for Black History Month, we are reflecting on Black British History.  We’ve focussed on the lives of 31 black Britons who have made an impact on life and culture here through their work as journalists, historians, musicians, politicians and many other areas of life.  It is really important to hear their stories and appreciate the diversity of this country.  Our students can read about these people every day on myloreto or through the College’s Instagram page or on Twitter @LoretoED1 and @loretocollege

 In addition to this, our library has sourced some amazing books about anti-racism and black history that our students can borrow and we have a watch list of TV shows, documentaries and films that will help our students be better informed about black history and the experiences of black people in the UK and around the world.

We want to hear from our students, too, so the English department is running a poetry competition to enable students to have their work published in the College magazine.  Details are in Loreto Weekly.