Loreto Biology students are not simply microscope gazing boffins, as they proved at the recent Biology Bake Off, part of Biology Week.  Swapping pipettes for palette knives, and condensers for cookie cutters, our enterprising and talented students set to with gusto, producing a fine selection of mouth-watering goodies with which to tempt the panel of distinguished judges: Miss Strickleton, Mr Foulder and Mr Moss. The dishes, strictly of the non-petri type, revealed a certain biological theme and large numbers of students enjoyed tasting the finished items, before the judges had the difficult task of deciding the winner and runners-up. First prize went to Zainab Ali, for her intriguingly named (and coloured) green cell cake; Freya Salway (cup cakes) and Alaa Eleynan (DNA, nerve cell and microscopes) also received an honourable mention.