After winning last year’s Debating Matters competition, the winning squad were honoured to be guests at the annual ‘Battle of Ideas’ festival

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As part of the weekend, Nichita Matei and Francesca Sellars took part in the Debating Matters International Final against Nelson Mandela Schule, Berlin.

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The debate was excellent, ranging over issues of security, human rights and the role that the Internet plays in our lives now, and will play in the future.  In a close fought battle, Nelson Mandela Schule narrowly beat us to take home the title; however, the judges were unanimous that the quality of the debate was outstanding on both sides.

Francesca commented:

‘The quality of debate at the event was unbelievable; it was a privilege to be among such thinking.’

Other students have also been expressing their views about the value of Debate Club and its associated activities:

Maymunah (now studying medicine)

“Debating Matters and the Battle of Ideas has been a massive influence in the way I engage in day-to-day politics. What is truly unique about the experience is that I have never felt quite so offended and intrigued at the same time. The bubble of debate in which debating matters takes place stretches freedom of speech in its most literal sense and exposes you to the extent to which freedom of opinion, no matter how outlandish or ridiculous, can be expressed. This on the surface might sound like an awful experience but it is the best way to learn the reality of discussion and learn how to build on or breakdown any arguments. It is also much more than that: the discussion within DM is complex and thorough, despite only dipping into the surface of the issue. Without any doubt, the competition is one of the most intellectually stimulating and satisfying experiences of my academic life and with the most brilliant team (including the staff and the friendly faces within DM), it is certainly an opportunity I will not easily forget.”

Nathan (now at Cambridge)

‘The Battle of Ideas was everything that I love about debating and public speaking: engaging, thought-provoking, profound and massively enjoyable! I had a whale of a time and am so thankful to both the Institute of Ideas and Debating Matters for inviting me. I wish I could go every year!”