At Loreto, many of our students and staff take part in many activities to raise funds and awareness for charities. We received an update from the local charity cornerstone (click here to visit the cornerstone website) telling us of Ayan’s fundraising gift to them:

“Ayan, a student at Loreto Sixth Form College dropped by this afternoon accompanied by a member of staff. Ayan admires the work done by Cornerstone and had a desire to try and help raise some funds for the centre. So he decided to take on a sponsored silence. Not a word did he utter for a whole day and raised an amazing £111.25 for Cornerstone. Honestly I felt emotional this afternoon when he handed over his bag of money to Sr Lucy. What a fine young man with a heart of gold, your kindness and thoughtfulness Ayan is really appreciated by us all”.

It’s people like Ayan that make the world a better place, he sure is a credit to his family and Loreto College.​

Well done Ayan, you shoudl be really proud. We are!