Loreto hosts live politics forum

ImageImageThe college had an early taste of the excitement generated by the most eagerly anticipated general election for many a year when we hosted a debate under the banner title of ‘Who cares about politics?’ Organised by S4SNextGen (Speakers For Schools), which has a remit to engage young people in the political discourse, the debate was streamed ‘live’ to schools and colleges throughout the country.

Number one in the North West for A-levels AGAIN

ImageImageThe latest Department for Education league tables, published in 2015, have once again ranked Loreto as the number one college in the North West in terms of average points per A level entry (APE). APE is regarded as the most accurate guide to A level performance. Not only that, using the same measurement, the college has been ranked fifth in the whole country.

Make the world a happier place

ImageImageIn February fifteen Campion students, instantly identifiable by their bright orange and yellow scarves, along with their Lead Tutor, Ms McDermott, spent their lunch time handing out personalised sweets to fellow Loreto students. 

Each packet of sweets was inscribed with the mantra `Pay It Forward: Make The World A Happier Place One Good Deed At A Time’. 

Drama, drama, drama: sixteen plays over three nights

ImageImageOver three nights in Ellis and Kennedy theatre, AS drama students presented, to invited audiences, their DRAM 2 exam performances. Students had been rehearsing for ten weeks in class; they had to use the methodologies and strategies of an influential theatre practitioner to inform their work. Plays included: Joe Orton’s hilarious farce ‘What the Butler Saw’, Mike Bartlett’s political drama ‘An Intervention’,  Lucy Kirkwood’s 21st century version of Ibsen’s classic ‘Hedda Gabler’ and Simon Stephens’ stage adaptation of Mark Haddon’s best-selling novel ‘The curious incident of the dog in the Night Time’, and many more.

Visiting Artist Henry Quick

ImageImageAS Art & Design students were lucky enough to be visited by Stockport based artist Henry Quick, whose work is inspired by the history of the two world wars.

He brought along relics such as soldiers’ mess tins and water bottles that he uses as part of his mixed media paintings.

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