History superstar visits Loreto College

ImageImageA terrific coup engineered by Ms Drumm and the Classical Civilisation Department, saw internationally renowned historian and TV presenter Michael Wood addressing the Ancient History Society. Author of a diverse range of books, and presenter of numerous highly popular documentary films and TV series, Professor Wood now holds a position at the University of Manchester.

Art Meets Business

ImageImageNot content with watching episodes of `The Apprentice’ or `Dragons’ Den’ enterprising AS Art students Callum Simmons and Jackson Massey have channelled their creative talents into a thriving business designing and selling a range of streetwear, with the tag name `Ballostreetwear’. They produce imaginative designs for tee shirts and jumpers and sell them online. The budding entrepreneurs have set up their own website to promote the brand and can also be found on facebook and Instagram. Both students, ex-pupils of Chorlton High School, study Art and Design here at Loreto and have ambitions to move on to Arts Foundation courses in the future – providing they are not already millionaires by then, of course!

Gold CREST Awards

ImageImageSix students from Loreto College presented their research projects to professors, researchers and lecturers from the University of Manchester, University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Institute of Physics at a presentation afternoon which took place in November.  The event was organised to celebrate their achievements after completing summer research placements.  One of the Loreto College physics teachers, Dr. Yasmin Andrew, also took part in the event as one of the project assessors.

English Department visit The John Rylands Library

ImageImageStudent Ethan Green writes…

Libraries have always been the charity of choice for wealthy philanthropists hoping to better society and purge any residual monetary guilt. John Rylands was funded, furnished, and named in his honour by his wife Enriqueta, a fervent Protestant, who sought to commemorate her husband's death by raising a building in testament to theology and knowledge. The library played host to Mrs Joseph's A2 English Language class, who were treated to seeing valuable English manuscripts from across the centuries, including a first edition of Samuel Johnson's dictionary, one of the most pivotal texts in the development of the English Language, which collected and explained the meaning of some forty thousand words, and made a major stride forward in the standardisation of linguistics. On display were several other rarities, such as an early print of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and one of the earliest known fragments of the New Testament; after which we were given an informative tour of the building.

Fastbleep evening for Loreto medics

ImageImageA hectic, but fun and educational, evening was held recently at Loreto for budding first year medics.  Fastbleep, an organisation which promotes widening access in Medicine, came into college for three hours and led lively sessions on the application process, answering students' questions and telling their stories as well as conducting interactive work on CPR, anatomy, suturing and blood pressure monitoring. 

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