Easter Concert at Hallé St Peter's

ImageImageThere is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs at a musical event, a moment of absolute stillness, when an audience is enraptured by a performance, and concentration is focused for a magnificent fleeting moment on to an individual or an ensemble and the sound being produced. It’s unusual to experience such a moment more than once or twice in an evening but those lucky people who comprised the audience at Loreto’s Easter concert, held at Hallé St Peter’s in Manchester, were blessed with repeat `moments.’

Catenian Public Speaking Contest

ImageImageTwo lower sixth students, Labeeba Amreen and Holly Bracewell, competed in the Catenian Public Speaking Contest, recently held at the Manchester Conference Centre. Both students had shone during our own competition, which took place earlier in the year. Weeks of preparation and practice, aided by Ms Soliva and Ms Stedman from the English Department, led to very clear and professional performances, both students speaking confidently without notes.

College production: The Government Inspector

ImageImageApparently undaunted by tackling the verbal gymnastics of Oscar Wilde’s `Importance of Being Earnest’ last year, Loreto’s Drama department this year chose to get to grips with Nikolai Gogol’s classic Russian comedy `The Government Inspector.’ Described as `a ridiculous comedy about ridiculous people’ the production played to packed houses in the Ellis and Kennedy theatre in the week before Easter.

Geographers' Iceland trip

ImageImageHot geysers, volcanoes and relaxing geothermal pools have left thirty Loreto geographers with warm memories of a very cool trip to Iceland!

They returned from an amazing five days to the Reykjavík area where they saw huge tectonic forces at work, as this small country is torn apart, with the North American and Eurasian plates moving in opposite directions.

AS Literature students enjoy workshop

ImageImageAS Literature students recently had the opportunity to attend a Newfound Theatre Company workshop on David Hare’s ‘Murmuring Judges’. In preparation for the forthcoming summer exams, students were given the chance to see live before them, key scenes from the novel performed by actors. This gave students the chance to explore the subtleties of Hare’s characters, the interaction between them, and to gain deeper understanding of the dramatic techniques employed in a text.

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