Pupil Chaplains

ImageDiocese of Salford

ImageIt was a very special day in October for seven of Loreto’s Upper Sixth Chaplains as they were commissioned in Salford Diocese alongside eight other schools, as pupil chaplains. Loreto is the first Sixth Form College to have students commissioned and these seven students represented only a small portion of the total 50 Chaplaincy Representatives currently in the College.

Fabulous Physics 2014

ImageImageThe second Fabulous Physics event was held at Loreto College in October, to promote and encourage the uptake of Physics, Engineering and Mathematics by GCSE students. Ninety students and teachers from across Greater Manchester took part in physics workshops provided by teachers, physics researchers and PhD students from The Ogden Trust, the Institute of Physics, the Universities of Manchester, Lancaster, and Liverpool John-Moores, and Loreto College.  The afternoon started with a lecture on: 'Exploring the Universe with Exploding Stars' by guest speaker Dr. Stacey Habergham, from the Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University.  This first lecture was followed by a thrilling liquid demonstration and talk on low temperature physics, given by Phil Furneaux, Department of Physics, University of Lancaster.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Presentation Evening

ImageImageLoreto’s Duke of Edinburgh Award programme goes from strength to strength and activities for this year are already well under way. September saw a presentation evening held in the Ellis and Kennedy theatre, when an extraordinary figure of over seventy students delighted an audience of families and friends with their accounts of group expeditions into the bad lands of Derbyshire.

History Society WWI

ImageImageStudent Thomas Luckham writes:

In September, the History society saw our very own Mr Nicholas give his talk on WW1, and why many now see it as the birth of modern warfare, giving reference to specific battles, weapons and tactics used by the generals.

When we look at the conflicts of the 21st century, it is easy to see why you might not view the Great War as a modern conflict, when planes were made out of piano strings, tanks could move at no more than 5 miles an hour and pitched battles were very much the backbone of war. Nevertheless the war marked the beginning of change, with more emphasis being placed on the machine being manned, rather than the number of soldiers manning it. It marked the end of attrition as a means of engaging in war, and saw new creations, such as penicillin, save thousands of lives.

Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry

ImageImageAS Art, Craft & Design students attended the Museum of Science and industry in September in order to gather visual research for their unit based on Machinery.









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