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Loreto College is a Roman Catholic College established in 1977 to serve our Partner Catholic Schools of Manchester and the surrounding districts.

Priority of applications:
Applications will be considered, in order of priority, from students who have attended:
·      Partnership Roman Catholic Schools;
·      Other Roman Catholic Schools;
·      Trinity Church of England High School;
       Followed by:
·      Catholic students at other schools;
·      Other students
Loreto’s partnership high schools are: All Hallows, Blessed Thomas Holford, Loreto Chorlton, Our Lady’s, St Ambrose Barlow, St Antony’s, St Damian’s,  St John Vianney, St Matthew’s, St Monica’s, St Patrick’s, St Paul’s, St Peter’s, St Philip Howard, St Thomas More, The Barlow, Trinity Church of England High School.
Loreto College is heavily oversubscribed and we have many more applications each year than we can offer places. We strongly advise you to complete your application form well before the deadline date of January 9th 2015 and hand it to your school so they can complete it with a reference, before posting it to us.
College Entry requirements:
1.     Academic
4 AS Level programme:
For students who are anticipated to study a 4 A-level programme the requirements are:
  • 6 GCSEs between A*-C,
  • 2 should be at least grade B
  • You should have two of English, Maths or Science
  • In addition there are some individual course requirements in some subjects.
Guided Programme
Sometimes a Guided Programme is appropriate when it is not possible for a student to satisfy the above requirements - for example they may only be taking 5 GCSEs at school, but yet be forecast to get very good grades in all of them. A 4 A-level programme could be the most appropriate in this case. A programme of 3 A-levels and another course (a GCSE, a BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma) may be right in other cases. Each case will be dealt with indivdually by staff so as to ensure the best course for the student.
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma:
  • Minimum of 4 GCSE: A*-C including either English or Maths.


  • Level 2 Vocational Programme at Merit or above PLUS 2 GCSEs A*-C including either English or Maths.

BTEC Level 2 Diploma:

  • Students generally enter this course with mainly Ds and some E grades at GCSE.


  • 2 or 3 A*-C grades at GCSE in the rare cases where a GCSE course is an appropriate option.
Pathways to Independence:
Foundation level - ASDAN Diploma in Life Skills
  • Working at P-level 8 or Entry Level 1
  • A full commitment to take part in Travel Training to become an independent traveller.
2.     Other Entry Requirements
When considering your application we take into account several key indicators:
1.     The reference provided by your school which must cover attendance, punctuality, conduct and application.
2.     The estimated grades provided by your high school and the effort you have shown to achieve these.
3.     Your wider interests  and the potential contribution that you might make to the Loreto College community.
4.     Your commitment to study at Loreto College.
5.     Your appreciation of and commitment to Loreto’s distinctive ethos.
6.     The quality of your application will be important and your ability to ensure that all application procedure deadlines are met.
Enquiries about admissions should be made to the Admissions Officer. The Governors are responsible for admissions. 
Parents of students who have not been allocated a place have recourse to the appeals procedure. Appeals should be addressed to: The Secretary, Appeals Panel, Loreto College, Chichester Road South, Manchester M15 5PB.
We reserve the right not to consider incomplete application forms.
Though the particulars in this prospectus were correct when it was printed in August 2014, it should not be assumed that there will be no changes affecting the relevant arrangements or some matter particularised: before the start of or during the college year in question or in relation to subsequent college years, subject to demand for a particular course.
Loreto College has a Child Protection Policy that is regularly reviewed by governors.
SEN Code of Practice for 0-25 year olds - A new code of practice for SEN comes into force from September 2014 which changes slightly from the 2001 code.